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Cooking pasta,

one of our faves

Halloween Parade

        in NYC

Getting great shots

while apple picking

Henry officiating

Chris & Ally's wedding

When we’re at home we love to cook, read, and watch sci-fi shows and movies. We named the first cat Chewie, which tells you we’re huge Star Wars nerds. We enjoy Star Trek too, along with wacky vampire and zombie shows. We’re mildly obsessed with “The Office”, so much that we made a pilgrimage to the show's setting in Scranton! Our favorite holiday, Halloween, is also Amy's birthday.

Henry enjoys photography, but his side hustle keeps him pretty busy - he officiates weddings on the weekends. He has a lot of fun with it, especially coming up with new promotions. Amy bakes for special occasions, and loves sewing, mostly kids’ clothes. We both like doing small repairs and projects around the apartment.


Amy's best friend lives in Manhattan - they get together often and love people watching. Henry has close friends that he's known most of his life - he even married one of them!

Friends and Hobbies

amy and elaine 2007.jpg

Custom cake for Amy's Mom

Custom dress for

  a little cousin

  Amy and friend Elaine

Henry with friends

Chris & Jason