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family and friends

We love our combined family, but we think it could be even better with just one more person!

Most of Amy's family is in the suburbs, close enough for weekday visits to Grandma, and weekend get-togethers with everyone else. She's one of eleven cousins, with 35 years between oldest and youngest, so holidays always draw a big, loud crowd with kids of all ages to play with. We all love cooking and everyone has their special dish to bring.


Henry's parents, sister, and her family are just three hours away in Upstate NY, which makes for lots of fun road trips. Although his family is smaller, they're very close-knit and would gladly drop anything to help each other out.

We have lots of great parenting role models, and lots of people who can't wait to welcome a new little one!


Most of the combined crew at our wedding

dragon boat festival 2011 033 crop.jpg

Dragon Boat Festival

with Elaine


Striking a pose with Jason & Chris

We have a pretty tight circle of friends, but most of them are more like family. They all care deeply for us and are rooting for us to become parents!


Amy met her best friend, Elaine, in college, and is lucky she lives a short subway ride away. They love people watching, visiting museums or the theater, and trying new restaurants. She's known most of her other friends for many years, from high school, college, and work.


Henry has close friends that he's known most of his life. He even officiated his friend Chris' wedding! It's always a fun time when they get together!

R First Birthday Party

Amy's family at niece Riley's 1st birthday

Parents' 45th Anniversary

Henry's family at his parents' 45th anniversary

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