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About Us (fascinating stuff)


We both grew up in the suburbs on Long Island. Amy has one younger brother, who's married and has one daughter. Henry has an older sister, married with a daughter and a son. We're very close with our families and try to get together often.

We own our home, and have two rescue cats who entertain us every day. They're great cuddle buddies too, when they're not trying to steal our food.

Very early in our relationship, we discussed having kids. We're definitely on the same page with how we plan to parent, giving our child both independence and responsibility.

Adoption is not our "Plan B" - it's always been an option for us to grow our family. We each have a cousin who was adopted, so we grew up understanding it as simply another way to become parents. It's important to us to maintain a connection with our child's birth family, so we'll plan with you to find an arrangement that works for all of us.


We love our life and have worked hard to get where we are. We've come through some hardships and are always grateful for what we have, and the friends and family who supported us along the way.


We want to share what we've built with a child, and we'd be so honored if you would consider placing your baby with us!

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