As you can see, I try not to take myself too seriously! Growing up I loved to create, and studied Fashion Design in college. Now I enjoy sewing, reading, cooking & baking, taking care of our cat, and exploring the city. I'm a medical biller, but my dream job is to write human resource manuals for IKEA (really!).


My family's pretty big and I consider my aunts, uncles, and cousins as immediate family. We're spread out in age, so it seems like there's always a baby around - now we're into the next generation! We have a strong bond and caring for others comes very naturally to us. Our gatherings always include great food and lots of fun.

I've always known I would be a mom. One of our junior high art projects had us make a magazine cover of ourselves, 25 years in the future. Future Me was a fashion designer with seven kids! My dreams are more realistic now but take up just as much room in my heart.

Henry is part of those dreams. He is my rock and has been by my side through some very tough times. He's very down to earth, and pretty quiet, but still manages to surprise me all the time. Henry can always make me laugh, and I know he looks forward to sharing that laughter and love with a child!

All About Amy

Scored some parade swag at

Mardi Gras World in New Orleans

Nero & his late brother Chewie

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