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Fun, family-oriented couple in NYC hoping to adopt our first child - get to know us!

Hi, thanks for visiting! We're Amy and Henry (you probably got that already). We met in 2003, married in 2005, and we are excited to grow our family! We can't wait to share our life with a child!

As you click through and find out more about us, you'll see our main priority is spending time with the people we love. 


We both grew up in the suburbs on Long Island. Amy has one younger brother, who's married and has one daughter. Henry has an older sister, married with a daughter and a son. We're very close with our families and try to get together often.

We own our home, and until recently shared it with two cuddly, adventurous cats. We miss them a lot and plan to add more cats to our family in the future.

Very early in our relationship, we discussed having kids. We're definitely on the same page with how we plan to parent, giving our child both independence and responsibility.

Adoption is not our "Plan B" - it's always been an option for us to grow our family. We each have a cousin who was adopted, so we grew up understanding it as simply another way to become parents.


We want to share what we've built with a child, and we would be so honored if you would consider placing your baby with us!

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